THE VILULA TEA GARDEN was a little tea room in my memories...ladies wearing white gloves and pretty hats; soft and mended old linens on the tables; and heirloom roses in crystal vases....lovely.

August 20, 2010

I Am Doing Great!

It has been 23 days since my surgery and I am doing very well...thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers! It was pretty hard at first, but I got the best care possible. My hospital stay was a piece of cake, thanks to good meds-heehee-then after I got home the fun began! It was pretty painful for a while, but my family took such great care of me...I just feel so much better, now...I want to thank the Lord for His answer to prayer...

The cards and calls from my Sister on the fly friends were so numerous, I couldn't believe it! What a wonderful group of Sisters I have...I am already getting ready for my next campout in mid-September in the mountains of friends Swanee and Anita are hosting that one! I sure hope it will be's been so hot here. I also have a new camper...a 2010 Airstream Sport; it's 16 ' and a little jewel. I named it Hissy Fit, although that is the name of my RV I traded in for it. Since I had a 'hissy fit' to join Sisters on the fly and get a camper, that name has to stay!

After that one, the next one is the Country Living Fair in October at Stone Mtn., GA. It is a really great fair with wonderful handmade crafts, etc. Country Living Magazine is featuring two of our Vintage Trailers that weekend. This will be a great campout and we will be enjoying the Laser Light Show, along with lots of other things to do in the immediate area...

Stay tuned for lots of photos to come!


  1. Yippiee! So glad your surgery went well & your feeling better!! Praise the Lord!!
    Thanks for updating your blog, I've been thinking about you!





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