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February 2, 2012

An American Cowgirl-one of the greatest!

Connie Douglas Reeves (September 26, 1901-August 16, 2003)

Connie Reeves rode her first horse when she was 5. Ninety uninterrupted years of riding later, she was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

That was 1997, and at the time Reeves was still the director of horseback riding at Camp Waldemar, an all-girls summer camp in the Texas Hill Country. She had held that position since 1936, when she gave up a brief career teaching high school English to teach young girls how to ride an English saddle.

Over 67 summers, it is estimated that she taught 30,000 girls. Though she yielded full-time responsibility for the program in 1998, she remained an almost daily presence at the camp. Recently she had begun to see the great-granddaughters of girls she once taught.

She rode her last ride at age 101...and enjoyed every last minute of it.

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