THE VILULA TEA GARDEN was a little tea room in my memories...ladies wearing white gloves and pretty hats; soft and mended old linens on the tables; and heirloom roses in crystal vases....lovely.

June 19, 2009

Soap Sally

When I was a little girl, back in the '50's, the story was told to children who misbehaved that "'Soap Sally' was going to get you"! Nobody, including my mother, knew where that came from...she said she had heard it all her life. When I googled it, I found that she was supposedly an ancient black lady who was a soap maker and it was said that she walked the streets of the mill villages kidnapping children who were unattended by an adult, then murdering them and using the fat in their bodies to make her soap.

After she died, it was said that when a small child misbehaved, Soap Sally would visit them in their dreams that night, and if they didn't wake up before she grabbed them in their dream, they would die before the morning, another victim of many. There were even reports of people having seen her many times for years, knowing full well that she was dead. Every time a child would go missing, two or three days later, Soap Sally could be seen, carrying her knapsack full of soap, scoping out the villages for another victim.

In those days, children seldom misbehaved more than once, for they were scared to death that 'Soap Sally' would get them if they didn't behave...also, the 'booger-man' was another one...we were sure scared of him, too! we were never told the scary story about an old woman who murdered children! It was enough the way the women in our family said the name! We terrified ourselves on hot summer nights, giggling and hiding and catching lightning bugs...


  1. Hello Paula. Here you are back again!
    We were missing you!
    You know what, the postman has been very nice with me recently. He brought me a big flowery envelop packed of hand made goodies, note pads, beautiful buttons, yoyos etc etc and a very nice post card.
    I thank you so much for this very nice token of friendship.
    I'll post about it next week, this week end his Father's Day and we've got quite a lot on our plates.

  2. It's me again, Paula?
    It was 4 am when I wrote the previous post(insomnia stroke again, and I forgot to ask you how your mother is recovering from the surgery, hope she is donig fine....

  3. Excuse my poor spelling I lost my glasses somewhere in the house, and I can't find them
    I hate wearing glasses lol

  4. poor thing, I know the feeling!!! Can't see a thing without my readers! You are so welcome, you were the winner, after all :) Mother is doing well, and finally home. She had to go back into surgery 2 hours after she had the first one...we thought she had a stroke! She spent two days in the Intensive Care Unit...we were pretty scared. Prayer and the good Lord pulled her through! she's pretty tough, my mother!!! Thanks so much for asking, friend.





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