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May 14, 2011

I'm growing tomatoes!

I am so excited! This is the first time I have been able to successfully grow tomatoes (for shame, I know, I do live in the South, after all)! My friend Laura told me how to put them in the garbage cans because I am unable to dig in the compacted soil in my yard...I used Miracle Grow soil with the fertilizer in it and look at this!

An article online said to pinch the little shoots between each junction of two stems, so I have been doing that...

This is the Goliath Bush Tomato plant. It has dark green leaves and stems and is so vigorous looking! The other ones are Big Boy and Better Boy plants. I think the Goliath plant is my favorite! I love the smell of the leaves when I pinch the little shoots back every few days...I can't wait to harvest these tomatoes when they ripen and have my favorite tomato sandwich with lots of pepper! I hope I will have lots to give away, too!

This little lizard is eating the bugs around my black garbage can compost bin...I am also growing cilantro, parsley, sage, chives, basil, and flowers in pots! I am listening to and looking at the rain coming down right now...hope your garden is doing well! More photos to come...

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  1. Cool idea to grow in garbage cans! I didn't plant anything this year :(





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