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January 10, 2012

Bento Again

Haven't been doing Bento meals in a long while, but with hubby's weight-loss program and our new way of healthy eating, I decided to do it again. I have always loved Bento and really, all things Japanese for a long long time...when I lived in San Antonio twenty plus years ago, I had a dear friend named Michiko White, who taught me to love Japanese food...especially putting a tiny little cap of rice vinegar on my 'sticky' good.
Bento (a meal that is packed into a box) meals are essentially eye-candy. They are always colorful, healthy, and ever so good! Since I love to eat organic whole and clean and 'slow' foods as much as I can, this is a great way to do it, and it enables you to use portion control as well.

If you check out the 'blogs I love to visit' area of this blog, you will notice two that are dedicated to's worth your time to link up with them. Also, on the Just Bento blog, I found that Makiko Itoh has written a great book, "Just Bento Cookbook" just came from Amazon via my trusty UPS man and I am dying to get into it! I already have several Bento boxes, including a Hello Kitty one my sweet daughter gave me, along with Hello Kitty chopsticks, no less! heehee

You can find Bento boxes all over the Internet, now, including was a little harder years ago when I was looking for will find they are exceptionally low in price for you penny-pinchers ( of which most are, nowdays)...You can also go the way of the beautiful lacquer boxes that are each his own.

Remember, a Bento box lunch is more than just a's packed with just a little extra care and love - a pleasure to eat, look at, and enjoy...Join me on my healthy eating plan and let me know how you do! Pictures, can go to Pinterest, if you haven't yet, you should, and see some beautiful Bento box lunches, too...more later!


  1. Wow that looks yummy!! Thanks for sharing the tips!

  2. you are so welcome, Tango...let me know what you try! xxx P





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