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June 4, 2011

My Journey-Precept by Precept

I am on a journey to know God and the Bible. I had watched Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries years ago, when I lived in Texas, and loved her teaching reading the Bible through in a year with my Mother, I really got interested in understanding the big picture, not just a verse here and a verse there. I just happened to catch a broadcast of Kay going through the book of Isaiah on t.v. I remembered Precept Ministries and went to the link and started the online Bible study of Isaiah. Instead of watching the daily broadcast (they send the link every day by email), I started in the broadcast archives at the beginning, watching each 30 minute is a 14 week study. You can download the free study guide, or purchase the whole shebang! I have learned SO much! I am also learning discipline, which I sadly lack...I can't wait to get up each day and dig in, again! Come join me!

As I continue studying, I'll post about it here and the way, I am almost ready to get my chickens! I have talked to people and researched the best way to do it in a neighborhood (I have an acre) and I am so excited! I have to have a place for them first, and then I will be on my way! I have a wonderful life!

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