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December 26, 2011

Make Your Sweet Pet A Bed!

A lot of us have used a similar pattern to make the double-sided fleece blankets for ourselves and you can make your 'best friend' a pet bed out of the soft, comforting fleece!

In case there is someone who doesn't remember how to make this blanket, here are some easy instructions for the bed!

All you need is a yard of fabric fleece, a bag of stuffing, and a pair of scissors, and you're on your way to making a custom pet bed! I used two different patterns for each of my beds, but you can definitely make one from just one yard in one print. I had enough left to make two more beds!

Speaking of which:

I used 1 yard each of two different prints of fleece per bed. One yard will actually make two of the size I have, but you may want to make yours bigger or smaller! Also some batting to fill it. I used less than one of a bag to fill two.

Decide what size bed you want and add at least 8" all the way around. This is because we are going to cut 4" strips to tie together.

It's easiest if you cut the two layers at the same time. That way they'll be sure to line up perfectly!

First I cut the selvage edge from the fleece - it has the test printing on it.

Then I cut the fleece to half its width.

Next I measured 4" in from each corner and laid a ruler across this line.

I cut a slit every inch until it reached the ruler. This was much easier than drawing a bunch of lines first.

You will end up cutting out the corner pieces.

Starting at one corner. tie the two sides together strip by strip. Use a double knot to make sure it doesn't come undone.

Tie together all of the strips, leaving an opening large enough to stuff with the batting.

Fill the bed with batting and tie off remaining strips.

You're finished! All that's left is to introduce your pet to it's new bed. Hope you both enjoy!

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