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May 5, 2009

New developments on Kyle!

My little nephew went to the Neurosurgeon today, to find out the extent of his problem...he does not have to have surgery!!! His headaches are not caused by the Chiari Malformation and he does not have any symptoms with balance, coordination, etc.! All the prayers offered up for him were answered...He has to have another MRI to make sure there is no fluid on his spinal cord, but he has no symptoms of that, either. That would be the only way he would need surgery to correct the malformation at this stage. He will have to be monitored by the doctor as he grows, but that's no problem! Thank you all so very much for your prayers, care and concern...


  1. That's great great news paula!x

  2. thank you sweetie...

  3. I am soooo glad the knews is thus far positive and will pray that it continues to be so for Kyle and all of you ..

  4. These are pretty good news. Thank God, I know that prayers can do a lot.
    I am taking e few days off with my husband and DS Victor, we do need a break and are going to visit the Loire Valley famaous for its fabulous gardens.
    Life is some times very short, we want to enjoy it while we are safe and in good shape. We've just left a dear friend who died of cancer in less than a month. He was 38 and leaves a very nice wife and four children.

  5. The wee man, that is my nick name for him.
    Wee man will be a strong man because what don't kill ya . . .

    Hope you and the family have an opportunity to catch your breath because it is always something!!!

  6. Nana, Marie-Noelle an Kat's Tail...thank you all so much for your prayers and concern. It really means a lot to me.





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