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March 24, 2009

"I love participating in swaps.. but I sometimes feel that I get all hung up on the extras of a swap. Correct me if I'm wrong.. but isn't there something wrong with spending another $10-$30 dollars for the extras after you have made the required item. Then add in the shipping on top of all of that!!!
Yes, it's great to get the wonderful extras... don't get me wrong. I have had my share of wonderful items given to me ;) But I think... or should I say... I need to rein in our extras a bit... Really I only want you to spend no more than $5.00 on store purchased items. Feel free to use what ever you have on hand to make your extras. I am sure your partner would rather have wonderful handcrafted items vs. store purchased anyway. ;) "...from Aunt Pitty Pat

I know I would love these items :)

Here are some suggestions of what you can add to your package:
Spool of Thread
One Candy Bar
Small package of cookies
Handmade tea bag holder
Handmade check book cover
Handmade Eye glass case
Sew your favorite item and share that with your partner
Small cloth drawstring bags (nice for the special items in your panty drawer)
Handcrafted Potholder
Make a pillow cover (sham type .. from your stash)
Make a cloth head band
Pincushion (handmade of course)
Handmade Rotary cutter bag
Handmade Project bag ( simple no frills)
Handmade Grocery bag
Handmade drawstring shoe bag
Handmade Needle book
One of those handmade.. scissor and strawberry fob things (I forget what they are called)
Handmade micro-wave heat pack
Handmade Cloth lunch bag
Handmade... sewing machine scrap bag (the kind used for sergers)
Handmade can cozy
Handmade chair cozies.. (the ones that hang over and you put your remote control and TV Guide in it.)
Handmade Bed Cozy (the kind that fit between the mattresses. You put your glasses and book in them)
Handmade cloth boxes (or bowls)
Handcrafted Stuffie
Pkg of Needles
Pkg of Rick Rack
Felt squares
Embroidery Floss
Recycle your favorite book or magazine
Emery board
Small bottle of Hand lotion
Take something from your stash that you haven't used yet (fabric,lace,buttons,tape measure, snaps, floss, rickrack, etc)
Old buttons
Send an old craft pattern
Last but not least... send that gift that you got for Christmas that you hated and will never use :)

"My brain is fried on ideas... I know my creative women can come up with something wonderful to make for their partners!
I hope everyone gets the idea... small is more with my swaps from now on!!! Everyone knows I have had a huge chop in pay.. and I know there are a lot more like me out there that wants to play but can't afford the expensive extras... so let back up and reflect... the swap item is really what matters here :) That is what we sign up for not the extras!!!!" Aunt PittyPat

I 'stole' the list and comments from Aunt PittyPat and adapted some of it for if I am your designated swap partner, PLEASE follow the guidlines of no more than $5.00 extra in my package! I love re-used, thrifted, pre-owned and dumpster-dived stuff...REALLY!


  1. Thank you so much for your support on my extras post ;)

  2. you are so right and so welcome! Thanks for the comments and list...

  3. I quite agree with post
    Thanks for very helpful list

  4. thank you, Marie-Noelle, for your kind comment...x





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