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March 17, 2009

STUFF that!

I didn’t ask for the cancer that took my uterus, ovaries and breasts, but it came.

I didn’t ask for my body to turn on it’s self and get fibromyalgia, but it did.

I didn’t ask for the wrong medication to damage my pancreas and cause Diabetes, but it happened.

I didn’t ask for Advanced Degenerative Disk Disease, Arthritis and Peraformus syndrome to put me in a wheelchair, but they have.

I didn’t ask for early onset Parkinson’s, but I got it

I didn’t ask for high blood pressure, Osteoporosis, CIB,CID, CFS, Asthma,

Nor did I ask for any of the side affects that go with treating all these conditions..

but I live with them every day anyway.

What did I ask for?



And to maintain as much independence and quality of life as humanly possible considering all that I fight to live with daily.

Do I get what I ask for ???


No, not from over worked health care workers and agencies who frequently need to be reminded the I STILL have human rights.

No, not from healthy capable State agency workers who’s mercy I live at daily.

No, not from politicians who’s political agendas don’t include the disabled

No , not from the Wal-mart Worker to “busy” to hand you something off the top shelf, nor the grocery store worker who hears you asking for help and chooses to walk away anyway.

No, Not from the city government who chooses to remain blind to the fact that there are still business owners out there who in the name of the al mighty profit refuse to ramp doorways, and open isles and make their stores more disabled friendly..

No not for the public transportation system who’s employees don’t want to be bothered with having to take 30 seconds to help one onto/into the vehicle.

No, I do not get what I ask for.

So WHY SHOULD I give any of them what they ask for?..


Myself and those like me WILL NOT stay out of sight and out of mind…

And to those of you who expect us to......

PBPbpbpbpbpbpbpb! NOT hapen'en people !


SO take that and Stuff it in your Bottom line!

When I read this post on Nanna Grace's blog, I asked her if I could copy it and post it on mine...I got sidetracked with family problems, but didn't want to forget to do it. She is a fine example that we can all learn from...get up, get going, don't dwell on your problems, physical or otherwise, and do what you can to live your life to the fullest! In spite of all her problems, she is always thinking of others - putting recipes and great tips/tidbits on her blogs, sewing, crafting; just enjoying herself and making others happy while she is doing it! Please take a moment and reflect on this post. Think about how you might look at people - in the grocery store, shopping at the mall, even just crossing the street. Some of them are physically challenged, but don't want your pity...we all have our own lives to live, in whatever capacity! I am going to make the most of mine and hopefully, you will, too! Let's live life to the fullest!!! Let's have a big smile for others whether we feel like it or not! Let's be the one to reach up for the box on the top shelf for someone, or whatever they need. Don't wait to be asked! If they don't want your help, then they will tell you...don't be offended, just tell them to have a wonderful day and smile! "Treat others as you would have them treat you"; Also, since I am full of platitudes today, "What goes around, comes around"! If everyone, me included, would just help one person, wouldn't the world be a wonderful place? Think about it...


  1. Hi Paula, hope you're dooing ok. Found this really moving, am going to pop and visit Nana Grace now x

  2. Thanks, Ali...I am 'maintaining'...I know Nanna Grace will be glad you stopped by! Have a good one!

  3. Who is it in the picture Paula?x

  4. That's Nanna Grace, I assume, Ali...xxoo

  5. Wow, she's beautiful eh? Such a strong picture...I wondered if it was x

  6. Hello Paula... Hope you and your family are healing in your hearts and your lives from your recent loss.. Sorry i am a little late to the party on this one , things have been a bit hectic here..i am so touched by your follow up words and inspired by them to maybe be a bit more patient with others as well...oh and, Yes, the photo is one of me... and Ali thank you so much for your nice words as well... talk to every one soon! Grace





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