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March 31, 2009

My new flip-flop socks!

75% Superwash Wool, 25% Polyamid

machine washable as per label


With Aloe Vera


30sts on 2.5-3.0mm needles (US2)

gorgeous set color effects

start each sock with the same color sequence

knits just beautiful

shades are scanned from large picture and may vary
made in Italy

I love knitting purses, scarves, and shawls, but as a hot-natured person, I never wanted to make socks...until I saw this yarn. It has a kind of Fair-Isle striping as you knit... If I ever finsh them I will show you. It even has aloe-vera in the yarn for your feetsies! Don't scoff, I am going to make them with a split between the toe to wear them with my flip-flops, yes, my FLIP-FLOPS!!! Let me know what you think, peoples!


  1. lol I think these ROCK! know what you mean about knitting socks though, good luck with that!!! And if you want to wear them with flip flops you go for it girl, the world has too many stupid rules it imposes on us!!!XX

  2. Thanks, Ali! I may have to pay someone to finish for me, up for it?

  3. OH NO!!!! Am rubbish at knitting round corners!!! Btw love the new background! is it new or am I just too busy reading to notice?!x

  4. It's fav colors are pink and green...from CBOTB - x





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