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March 29, 2009

Whining about my tooth-ache!

Please bear with me as I cry and moan about my tooth-ache...When it rains, it pours, and it has surely been raining here in Newnan, Ga.! I stayed in bed ALL day yesterday in a daze, taking my pain pills which didn't kill the pain exactly, just took the edge off! I could have taken two, but heaven forbid that I become addicted!!! So, I lay around and didn't care if it hurt...that wasn't too bad, I guess. I have fractured the anchor tooth of a bridge in the upper right portion of my big mouth...possibly from sticking my foot in it! I was not eating popcorn as is the most common way of fracturing a tooth...check out Mr. Bean's dilemma near the bottom of the blog! Believe me, I laughed until I cried on this one! I sure needed it!
Donations will be appreciated when I find out how much this is going to cost; by the way, I have only had this permanent bridge for two years...I fractured the exact same tooth and had to have THIS bridge! This is mean, but the other bridge I had, my dentist committed suicide before he could finish, so a periodontist had to glue it on for me! If I didn't have bad luch, I wouldn't have no luck at all...not to mention the poor dentist; he was a nice man. I know this is in poor taste, but I am in a strange, pity-party mood...forgive me.


  1. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, I am so sorry you are in such pain ..I think tooth aches are worse than labor pains or passing kidney stones.Honestly, I think the only thing that maybe compares is ear aches!I hope you can get to the dentist soon.
    "Mr Bean's Tooth-ache" cracked me up ! I hope you have a better day today than yesterday.

  2. Ouch! Sending supportive pain killing thoughts... but sadly no cash!!X

  3. heehee...thank you for your support...pain-killing thoughts or otherwise!





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